Hidden Litter Box

Hidden litter box

Hidden litter box for cats is great idea. We all love cats, but sometimes we want to cover their boxes, especially if our place is too small. What ever the reason for getting the hidden cat box is, you are in the right place to explore the best one.


Hidden litter box image: courtesy of Amazon


They are few models available, and some look as a furniture and some may look as planters. Both types are very popular, but the furniture like received many more reviews and is more popular. Just compare these cat litter boxes and decide which is more suitable for your place?

hidden litter box

hidden litter box


Luckily they are many hidden cat litter boxes on the market and they are so affordable. Click here to see all hidden litter box models available on the market .

There is another option, and it is to do your own (diy) style hidden kitty litter box.But if you look at any of these hidden cat boxes, you will find, that building one by you may not be so cheap.

How the hidden litter box works and looks?

As you can see, the right hidden litter box for cats looks like a furniture, but it works as a regular cat litter box . They are many models on the market and some look completely as a furniture, but some look as cat litter boxes, but are built to fit in the corner and are less visible.

The furniture like hidden litter boxes have dual functions and they really camouflage the real purpose. They easy fit in any place in your apartment and can be stand alone tables or night stands.

The most popular model is “Cat Washroom And Night Stand” made by Merry Pet Products. This is a fully functional  piece of furniture , which can hide a cat litter box or even a cat or pet bed. It even comes in three colors ( white, espresso and walnut) to match your furniture or bathroom . It comes with stainless steel rods, which gives the piece real furniture look.

Hidden Litter Box Furniture can be used as :

  • stand alone table
  • night stand 
  • a cover for cat litter box

Besides camouflaging the litter box, it can hide a pet bed also, depending on your taste. It has great use for the cat owner as well : It is a cabinet that hides away the litter box and keeps litter messes and odor inside, but it will provide an useful shelf space and a e.g. stainless steel towel bar for many organizing purposes  in a laundry room, bathroom or even underneath the stairs. 

The whole furniture like litter box is made of real wood and it really adds some chic instantly to your room or bathroom. Looks great as a stand alone piece, but it can add some great look as an additional furniture cabinet.

It has a magnetic door, so it really is adjustable at any position.If you would ask: and what about the cat? Does cats like these boxes? Pets usually adjust very easy to this kind of furniture. They like hidden and quiet places. Especially cats love darker and hidden places.

This has another advantage: It will cover the litter box mess and odor.


hidden litter box

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