Odorless Cat Litter Box


Odorless Cat Litter Box Solutions

odorless cat litter boxOdorless cat litter box is the best solution for every house that has a cat or multiple cats.If you have a kitty and the smell of the litter box is what annoys, you are in the right place to find the best solution.

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They are many self cleaning litter boxes, which will really help to keep your house clean and not smelly.

We review many clever automatic cat litter boxes are very sophisticated and they remove the cat waste right away, which is the best solution for keeping the air clean and dust free.

The odor which you may smell when you have a basic cat litter box is coming from the litter which is decomposing the cat waste. If you don’t change the litter every day, it will smell. The best solution is, and not always the cheapest one, to buy automatic and self cleaning litter box. This is always the safe way to have the apartment or house clean and keep it cleaner for longer period of time. This solution is good for households whith multiple cats as it is good for people, who are busy or eventually travel often.


A Tip to Keep Your Household Odorless 

odorless litter box disposal systemThe other best solution to keep your house odor and smell free is the Litter Genie Plus Cat Litter Disposal System, which will help you to dispose the cat waste on the go, so the smell does not linger in the room any more. This is a cheaper solution, which will work with any basic litter box, but it will need your attention to dispose the cat waste. Reviews are excellent and the price is even better.

This is a disposal system, not a cat litter box. This unique system works like a trash container, which locks the smelly waste and used cat litter inside. One model also contains anti microbial agent. I would recommend this in apartment setting where the space is limited .

Odorless Cat Litter box aka Self Cleaning Litter Box System

Together with this disposal system  is the best to look for self cleaning litter boxes, where in the place is automatic waste removal system.  Usually here the electric power is utilized to move some kind of rake or cartridge system to keep the cat litter clean after each use.

Most mechanical systems use the timer. This solution is more advanced, well popular with cat owners. The cat litter box has to be close to electric outlet. Usually the best is to have it in the basement or in the room in the corner.

Most models come with special cat litter.  I found these automatic systems very practical, but in many cases they do not always function perfectly.  But they really save time and manual cleaning, which is valuable if you do not have time to do it yourself.

One automatic cat litter box is using the electric power and watter system. This is the CatGenie self washing and flushing system. This is a popular solution and odorless as well. But you pay higher price and you have to situate the litter system close to water pipe and power outlet. It seems to be complicated, but 50 % ( a little over 50 %) cat owners gave  positive reviews.  About 17 % gave very low rating. In my opinion, if some system relies on many subsystems, something is always not working properly. 

If you have multi cat household, the odor is harder to control. In my experience having more litter boxes in different palces helps, as cats like to use their own cat litter box. 

They are more solutions to keep your household odor free. The best odorless cat litter box models are best but are not always cheap. But investing in the automatic cat litter model also called self cleaning litter box  will give you the best solution in long run. If you decide to buy the basic cat litter box, you will have to clean the litter more often. Then I would advise you to buy  high sided litter box at least. These kind of boxes will prevent cat litter spilling and this equals less work for you. 

Certainly they are air sprays (odor eliminators) to keep the house or apartment nice smelling. But that is not a long term solution. For long term solution the best odorless cat litter box is a self cleaning litter box or automatic cat litter box