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Litter Robot Reviews : Model LRII – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

self cleaning litter box for multiple cats Litter robot reviews functions of this self cleaning litter box, often referred to as robot litter box for multiple cats .One of the best self cleaning litter box solution you can see, this compact automatic cat litter box is well constructed with the mind set to please the cat as well the cat owner. If you used and tried other cat litter boxes, you may like this very much, because comparing to other ones, this is very simply operating system which seems to work very well and it has the highest rating. The Litter Robot LRII comes in two colors:beige and black

Robot Litter Box Reviews

Liter Robot seems to be very popular with cat owners. It constantly receives good rating 4.3 exactly. See LR rating and reviews here

  • The whole system is build so, that it is a whole and complete system, and no extra waste receptacles or lining bags are needed as in other automatic self cleaning litter boxes , which is the good news for the owner.
  • The Robot lRII automatic self cleaning litter box is using a weight sensitive sensor, which reacts to cat entering the litter box and it will trigger the cleaning cycle after about seven  minutes after the use. This system actually separates the waste clumps and deposits them in the large drawer. The drawer can be lined with regular household bags, no special bags needed.
  • The nice thing is that this system works very smoothly, because it is no rakes and wires to be jammed. The  globe returns to its original position after the cleaning cycle is finished.
  • Comparing lrii automatic self cleaning system to other self cleaning systems it seems to have smoother cleaning system, maybe because it is simply build.
  • The Litter Robot operates on 12 VDC.

One thing may be discouraging you from buying it, is the price. But I found out, that this is worth the money. You will find  it easy to set, easy to maintain and your place will be odor free. No other expenses are expected. Many people have concerns about the cleaning process inside of the system. It seems to be very advanced system, which will accommodate the whole process of cleaning the waste very cleverly. This is a system. We urge you to read the whole section of Q & A here to get the right picture. And as with all other automated self cleaning litter boxes you need to keep it clean. It needs to be cleaned and emptied once in 4-5 weeks. Then you won’t have any problems.

Robot Litter Box Appearance:

If you are very particular about the color of the self cleaning litter box, you may like the color choice of the robot litter box. It comes in: beige, black and grey color. Dimensions for the litter box are: 24 x 22 x 29 inches and the real weight is  24.2 pounds.  The good news is also, that this particular robotic litter box is well suited for multiple cats households. There are not many automatic litter boxes, which would be ideal for multiple cats households. Cats get used to the litter box very fast and there is no problem in using it at all. Because it automatically gets cleaned, cats do not have issue reusing the litter box again and again. The robot litter box is quite expensive. But the trade-off is cleaner and no smelling air. You really do not need to clean it to often, it is enough to clean it once a month. If you have more than one cat, you should clean it more often.

How Litter Robot LRII works?

If you will watch the video you will see how easy it is set up and functioning.

If you want to read more about this cat litter box check this article in Wikipedia My recommendations of the Litter Robot are 100 %. If you have a multi-cat household, do not hesitate to buy it. It really works and it will save you a lot of money and cleaning. Litter Robot reviews recommends this product and you will be glad you have it.