Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box Reviews

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box Reviews one of the most popular and best self cleaning litter box  models on the market.  This is one model which is  practical and economically priced. I recommend this model for start , if you are on budget or you have multiple cats.

The self cleaning system is easy to keep up with and it works very simply: Look at this simple picture

Omega PawOmega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box Reviews

see the model Omega Paw Roll





This is why the Omega Paw Litter Box is very popular (it received more than 2,791) reviews and it is a best seller on Chewy for long time. Comparing to other models, in my opinion, it is priced very, very low and  it is the best value for your money. See the Omega self cleaning litter box price


Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box- Why We Like IT!

Omega Paw Litter BoxOmega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box is truly self cleaning litter box and received the most reviews!

Why we like it:

  • It is simple, targets the goal and it is simply to use and clean and it is inexpensive
  • No power is needed and you will not need extra filters to buy!
  • It is very affordable and it is well suited for households with multiple cats.

>>The Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter box

How Omega Paw Works?

No big science is involved. It works by rolling to the right and back again and the waste collects in the pullout tray for quick, easy disposal.

Does it control the dust?

Yes, it does it very effectively and odors are also trapped inside.


 Ideal for big cats or multiple-cat households.


Watch the video of Omega Paw Roll n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box performs:

 As you can see in the video shows how the large self cleaning litter box rolls to the right and back , right and back. The waste collects in the pull out tray, from where it can be easy disposed .

The system is simple, but it effectively controls dust and odor. It was designed for big and bigger cats and it is very useful in households with multiple cats. It is easy to use and for cat owners it is easy to put together. Very simple.

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box Reviews:

The whole design of this self cleaning litter box is very simple, but very efficient. Comparing to other self cleaning litter box systems, it really does use only clumping litter, no other filters are needed.

  • simple design
  • it is light, well designed ( it is covered, for the cats privacy)
  • easy to clean and keep up with.
  • all instructions are simple and assembling is simple also.
  • economically priced
  • well reviewed and popular

Exact dimensions: 19.5″ x 22″ x 20″and it weight is: 6.5 pounds. It is ideal to be placed in a corner . It comes in a neutral colors, so it looks great anywhere.



They are many cat owners with different questions and all these questions can be seen here answered, you can find if your question is answered.

About the clumping litter. This kind of cat litter is designed to form a clump when the litter is wet. This happens during the urination of the cat. Be aware, that not all cats like this kind of litter. As it may prevent the litter to release dust when the litter box is used, it sometimes gets attached to cats paws. Then it need to be removed. Not all cats are sensitive to the clumping litter. But if the cat dislikes having this kind of experience, she or he may refuse to use it again.

In Conclusion Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box

 is a reliable and well performing self cleaning cat litter box. It is economical (no extra filtering system is needed),it is practical: it delivers and it is well designed to keep it anywhere in your apartment.