Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews | Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

Best Self cleaning litter box reviews the practicality of automatic self cleaning litter box models, a must have automatic cat litter box for your household. Automatic cleaning litter box is a must have in every household with a cat.

Why we are having this discussion?5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Models  Automatic Kitty Litter Box is a must have item every cat owner should consider. They are very useful and they will help you keep your house clean and foremost odor free. As a cat owner I experienced the odor in my house every day. You may not realize it first, but coming from the outside it is always noticeable.  I tried almost everything from home remedies to regular cat boxes, but the automatic self-cleaning litter boxes work the best.

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Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews or Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews

This should be very easy. All types of litter boxes seems to accomplish the task. Obviously, the self cleaning litter box works with more sophistication and really helps to keep the place clean and odorless.

This is especially helpful when the cat owner is not present all the time to clean the litter right away after the use.

Cat litter boxes – they’re often tricky to deal with, yet a  necessity for indoor cats. In the past, the most common method of maintaining the litter box was through manual, hands on scooping and cleaning.

Today however, there’s a better way: the automatic self cleaning  cat litter box. There are many kinds of automatic cat litter boxes and self cleaning litter box reviews their functionality, pros and cons and their popularity on the market. And as with every product , some are better than others. In the spirit of informed purchase and clean hands and place, we review the top choices in today’s best automatic self cleaning cat litter box category.

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box

Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews – Omega Paw #1 Best Selling Automatic Litter Box

Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter Box

This truly self cleaning litter box received the most reviews!

It is simple, targets the goal and it is simply to use and clean. No electricity is needed and you will not need extra filters to buy! It is very affordable and it is well suited for households with multiple cats.


>>>The Omega Paw Roll n Clean Litter box

  • Large litter box self cleans by rolling to the right and back again
  • Waste collects in the pullout tray for quick, easy disposal
  • Effectively controls dust and contains odors
  • Ideal for big cats or multiple-cat households

Read very detailed review of Omega Paw litter box here


ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

Reviews Show Huge Popularity and Satisfaction

scoop free litter box reviews

ScoopFree is a brilliant name for a cat litter box with more than just automatic cleaning function. It will give you 30 days hands free automatic cat litter box cleaning action. People who bought it leave great reviews



The ScoopFree self cleaning litter box is very popular automatic self cleaning litter box model

  • Automatic and self cleaning action, hands free and no touch, scoop free litter box rakes solid waste out of sight
  • Great solution for odor: disposable tray pre filled with Premium Blue Crystals that absorb odor and wetness
  • Enjoy the feeling: no need to touch, empty, clean, or fill litter box for up to 30 days

Read detailed ScoopFree self cleaning litter box reviews here.


 PetSafe Simply Clean Best Automatic Cat Litter Box

Simply clean litter box

For environmentally oriented cat owners this  self cleaning litter box system is both economically and environmentally friendly.

Conveniently use simple recycled grocery bags to line the waste receptacle for a fast and affordable cleanup. No Scooping, No Odor, No Mess.Simple!

PetSafe simply Clean always works and it is always fresh, odor-free and ready for use. Read detailed reviews of this petSafe simply Clean litter box


 CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box


Read these reviews only if you want something extra ordinary and if you want to impress your friends!

You may ask :what?

And you will be really surprised what  CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box does:

    • cat box flushes waste away and washes itself clean automatically
    • this litter box uses litter like washable granules not clay litter to satisfy cats need to dig and cover
    • ideal for 1-2 & no more than 3 cats of average size and 6 months or older
    • requires hookup to cold water and electrical outlet
    • includes biodegradable, recyclable “SaniSolution” cartridge and 1 box of washable granules


 Littermaid LM980 Mega

Littermaid Self cleaning litter box reviews model 680

This is an innovative self cleaning litter box system, which may be running on the electric power or may be using batteries.

Read reviews here.This gives you the extra option to use it in the place without the power outlet. It is economically priced and it may be successfully use in households with multiple cats.


Littermaid LM Mega is an popular automatic litter box especially with households with multiple cats.

Read a detailed reviews of Littermaid LM Mega  self cleaning litter box

      • Extra high walls to keep waste inside the box and off the floor
      • Removable automatic rake for easy cleaning
      • Motion sensors that activate cleaning cycle, safety bar to stop rake in case of blockage
      • Extra high walls to keep waste inside the box and off the floor
      • Removable automatic rake for easy cleaning
      • Motion sensors that activate cleaning cycle, safety bar to stop rake in case of blockage.


How Self Cleaning Litter Box Works?

If you never experienced an automatic cat litter box you would be surprised how cleverly all of them work. See this video how automatic cat litter box works. It is amazing how easy the system works and how it may free you to scoop and clean the litter box

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box Solution

You may ask the question: So what is the best automatic cat litter box? And as you see, the market is flourishing with many great and innovative self cleaning cat litter boxes. It seems, that people need solution to the smelly places if they have a kitty.

These all self cleaning litter box models reviews all types of fancy and less fancy automatic litter boxes. If you are a cat owner you will probably appreciate the function of each of these kitty litter boxes.

Of course, it is impossible to have all of them. You probably experienced the problem of having cats around and you may really appreciate what these products try to do and you are willing to purchase one of these models.

To do so, you have to decide, which of these automatic cat litter boxes will best for your household.  In conclusion I would like to encourage you to do so sooner then later. You will be satisfied, I guarantee it! If you want your household to stay clean and odor free the best self cleaning litter box will be the best solution. Even if these automatic cat litter boxes are more pricey self cleaning litter box reviews from customers prove how happy they are and most importantly how their place stays clean and odorless.Best self cleaning litter box reviews