Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Purpose

Self cleaning cat litter box is the best and the smartest solution for any household with one or more cats.If you are looking for reviews you are in the right place. To have a kitty at home is a pleasure, but it all comes with its ups and downs. (as we all know)

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box with most reviews and best selling

To keep the apartment or the place clean from cat litter is the main goal. With the new technology you will be amazed what is on the market. You can see many cat litter boxes self cleaning almost right after the cat used it. Or you can buy a flashing litter box like Cat Genie. Flash able? Really?

Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Best self cleaning litter box may be really only a short way for you to buy. But… It is very hard to actually decide which will be the best. On the market are many self cleaning or automatic litter boxes and looking at all self cleaning litter box reviews they are not perfect.

The purpose of “best self cleaning litter box reviews is to help you to find the best one for your household.

It is good to start with the new unused litter box, as cats have very sensitive smell and every smell of other cats may have a negative influence on the training.

Cats are very intelligent creatures and they easy get to use the place. It may be good idea to start with a little kitten, but in mine experience , every cat, younger or older will “get it”

The system used to build a self cleaning litter box is different in different models and some systems are more popular than other ones. When choosing the right automatic cat litter system for your household should not be difficult.

The good news is, most self cleaning litter boxes are not colossal and they fit in even smaller places. Some of these systems use electric power, so you must have a place for it close to power outlet.

I always encourage to read reviews, because to think of every little detail may be logical, but if you never had such a product before, it is difficult to think of all features and their pluses and minuses.

And then it is the performance and sometimes a noise. Some people do not like to change filters to often and some models have longer periods between changes.

I am receiving many questions about multi cat households and self cleaning cat litter boxes.

This may be an individual problem, but some cats do not like to use the same litter box. If you have more than one cat, you may be the judge. In my household  this was not a problem, but in some households you will have to have more than one litter box.

I like automatic litter boxes because they have many advantages from basic litter boxes.

Advantages of Self Cleaning Litter Box:

  • The automatic clean up of feces keeps the dost to minimum – this may be crucial to an allergic to dust person. The closed ( with hood ) litter boxes are better, and the automatic clean up help to keep the dust to minimum.
  • You can set the timer for the period of time after the cat used the litter box
  • elimination of odor usually the automatic cat litter box cleans itself automatically and the waste goes in the container under the box, where the smell is neutralized.  No smelly air. This may be a good solution for smaller places,where the air circulation is not the best.
  • longer periods between cat litter cleaning ( you actually save money by not replacing the cat litter to often )
  • this may be great for traveling people. No need to worry about cat litter change.


Hard to find one if you really need an automatic and self cat cleaning litter box for its advantages.

How Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Works?


Self Cleaning cat litter box does not have to be the most expensive to work for you and your cat. Find the most affordable for your budget to easy the burden of cleaning the litter box every day.