Dog Proof Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Box Models

Dog proof litter box for a cat is usually for household with both dog and cat.It is a smart idea to buy a dog proof litter box. Many pet owners find after while, that the dog often visits the cat litter box. To prevent the dog from messing up with cat litter box , is to get dog proof box for cat.

There are two options: DIY a cat litter box or you can buy one, which is already proofed .

It depends on your resources and skills which option is better for you. But to built one is not very practical, because buying all necessary parts will cost you more.

It is not easy to keep your place odor free and litter free if you share your home with a pet. It is important to know which litter boxes are best to help you to keep the house clean.We researched the market, and we have good solutions for you.Read our best self cleaning litter box guide and you must read the odorless litter box, to keep your place odor free and clean. The third problem with pets is to find the dog proof litter box. There is huge request for dog proof cat litter boxes.

Thankfully they are many full dog proof litter boxes for cats on the market. The good news is, that they are pretty cheap and in most cases they work well.

Top Dog Proof Cat Litter Box – Top Entry Litter Box Models

They are so many litter boxes, which could work as dog proof litter boxes. Many dog proof boxes on the market are really affordable (cheap) and easy to take care off. Most of them are made from plastic, and they are really easy to handle. The top entry litter boxes are a clever solution , because they are not open and easy to get into for a dog.

#1 Top Entry Dog Proof Litter Box


dog proof litter box


Clevercat Top Opening Litter Box

It is a very clever solution, very popular and easy to clean.

Well suited for younger and up to midsize cats.

You can use it with liners, but it is made of plastic material, and it is very easy to clean with soap, water and little chlorine.

It is lightweight, so not problem to move it around, but it is still sturdy to stay in one place.

I would not recommend this one for older and heavier cats. The opening is 9 inches big, which is enough for most cats. In my opinion, this is a good dog proof cat litter box, which is inexpensive, sturdy, easy to maintain and it serves the purpose.

#2 Dog Proof Cat Litter Box :


Dome type Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

This unique looking litter box helps to keep the odor and spilled litter to minimum. The dome style build protects the cat litter from dogs sight. It comes in four colors to pick the one which the best suits your taste.

It is slightly bigger than the previously mentioned top entry litter box (22.5W x 22.5L x 19H in) , but it is a little heavier, weighting 5.3 lbs.

This litter dome includes a carbon filter (helps to keep odors down) and the ramp keep spilling the litter .

It is a nice solution, because it not only looks unique, but it does what we need: keep dogs out, gives privacy to the cat and keeps the odor to minimum.

#3 Dog Proof Litter Box

dog proof litter box

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

The enclosure protects and gives privacy to the cat.

It is very popular with multiple cats households.

It is easy to clean and it has carbon filter to filter the air.




Large Dog Proof Litter Box

I am getting many requests for large dog proof litter box. I personally researched many cat litter boxes and most of them dimensions are between 20 -22 inches long, 15-20 inches wide and btw 15-18 inches high, which usually fits small to medium sized cats. 

dog proof litter boxThe one which is 3 more inches long is

 Favorite Large Top Entry Cat Litter Box

It protects the litter from dog, it gives the cat its privacy, it is easy to clean . It is a popular choice for many cat owners.





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They are many more cat litter boxes which will be good choice for any cat owner. We mentioned only the top 3 best and most popular dog proof litter box models.